Speech Pathology Therapy

Speech pathology therapy can assist babies, children and young people living with a disability who experience issues with eating and drinking, such as chewing and swallowing problems, as well as other challenges with their communication. These challenges may include problems speaking, difficulties understanding language, or support with non-verbal communication. Speech Pathology Assessments Our speech pathologists …

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Supported Independent Living

  Personalized Treatment Plan Supported Independent Living (SIL) assists individuals with mental illness who live independently in the community, either alone or with family/friends. The program is designed to help acquire, maintain or increase the skills necessary to continued independence and meaningful community engagement. Once an individual is referred to Supported Independent Living, an interview …

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Occupational Therapy Services

we are teah home care services to individuals that may need some assistance. We do so with the highest level of respect and professionalism. Growing older or having developmental disabilities presents many challenges, but we believe that a well-designed, tailored home care program goes a long way to increase comfort, happiness, and intellectual performance. Statistically, …

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