Supported Independent Living


Personalized Treatment Plan

Supported Independent Living (SIL) assists individuals with mental illness who live independently in the community, either alone or with family/friends. The program is designed to help acquire, maintain or increase the skills necessary to continued independence and meaningful community engagement.

Once an individual is referred to Supported Independent Living, an interview is scheduled to discuss the program as a whole. Next, Step By Step staff works closely with the individual and their support team to develop a personalized treatment plan driven by the individual’s unique goals and desired outcomes.

Based on Proven Principles

Supported Independent Living provides support to individuals based on the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation (i.e. integrated and normalized services, involvement and partnerships of person’s receiving services and building on individual strengths). The program has proven especially successful in fostering meaningful relationships among participants, and between participants and staff. In addition to regularly scheduled assistance, all Supported Independent Living individuals have access to program-wide holiday celebrations, field trips and other social traditions that provide opportunities for connection, engagement, and growth.

Supported Independent Living aims to guide, maintain and/or improve the following:

  • Daily living skills (meal prep, cooking, cleaning)
  • Transportation services
  • Mental health and medication education
  • Budgeting
  • Social and/or recreational opportunities
  • Vocational and/or educational opportunities
  • Empowerment and advocacy
  • Obtaining and maintaining housing