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we are teah home care services to individuals that may need some assistance. We do so with the highest level of respect and professionalism. Growing older or having developmental disabilities presents many challenges, but we believe that a well-designed, tailored home care program goes a long way to increase comfort, happiness, and intellectual performance. Statistically, it is extremely likely that you will find yourself in need of extra assistance for your own care or for the care of a loved one. And, if possible, we all would prefer to stay in our own homes than to live in a retirement home or other long-term facility.

The reasons for this need vary greatly but include factors such as:

  • Relieving the potential burden on loved ones
  • Maintaining independence
  • Getting assistance for a disabled person, or a person needing daily assistance
  • Getting temporary care after leaving the hospital
  • Getting care during a serious illness
  • Spouse not being able to take care of a husband or wife
  • Children wanting to provide care to a parent and are unable to do so, but do not want to send the parent to a retirement home
  • Expecting mother having doctor’s orders to remain in bed and need assistance, especially when other children are home

Please note that home care is not intended to correct a medical condition.

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Our Home Care Services WHY CHOOSE Teah ?

Quality of Care is our number one priority

Our focus is on providing the best, warmest, and most attentive, courteous, respectful, and competent homecare services at our clients’ homes. Older adults that wish to remain in their homes should feel comfortable, independent, safe and happy by having very high quality consistent and reliable care.

We develop a systematic Plan of Care tailored to you or your loved ones

We offer individualized services that we always tailor to our clients’ specific needs. Our services will meet your or your loved ones’ preferences, needs, schedule, lifestyle, pastimes, while taking into consideration important factors such as physical abilities, mental state, and other requirements. You will never pay for, or get a service that you do not want.

Our staff consists solely of employees that work exclusively for C Home Care

We hire only the best home health aides, caregivers, nursing assistants, social workers, and homemakers to provide you with peace of mind, extraordinary quality of care, reliability, and compassion. Unlike other home care companies, we do not offer services through independently contracted health care professionals. We select the best caregivers and have one of the most stringent background checks in the Industry: Each caregiver must undergo and pass the following verification before being hired:

– Identity Verification
– Social Security Number Trace and Verification
– E-Verify
– Central Registry Database searches
– Sex Offender List Search
– Motor Vehicle Record Check
– Fingerprint Card verification
– Reference checks
– Office of Inspector General’s List of Excluded Individuals

We offer flexible short- and long-term services

Our services can be short-term (after having been discharged from a hospital, or to provide respite services while your regular caregiver is unavailable) or long-term (to get assistance with everything from companionship to assistance with Activity of Daily Living). We sign with each client a simple agreement that covers the services to be provided, the frequency of care and associated fees based on the care plan developed between the client and caregiver. However, each client is free to terminate services at any time, for any reason, or to request a different caregiver.

Our high-quality, attentive and customized care is affordable

The cost for the high quality care and attentive service that CJPS Home Care provides may not be as high as you would expect, given its customization to your needs, and its quality of care. You will never pay for, or get a service that you do not want. We also offer discounted annual rates and discounts on all services for our private pay Veterans.